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2022 Results Page

Prizegiving Night

Summer Cup – not held this year
Autumn Tournament
Zachary Yu & Justin Zhide Wang
Spring Tournament
Timothy Ha
Junior Champion (Trophy)
Luna Xiahan Lu
Most Improved Player (Trophy)
Zachary Yu
Fischer-Random Champion
Justin Zhide Wang
Rapid Champion (Trophy)
William Rui Liu
Lightning Champion (Trophy)
CM Felix Xie
Club Championship

Claire Yuqi Gu & Jathin Nandan Somaraju
C-Grade (Trophy)
Samuel Moffitt & Srirama Vikhyath Nimmakayala
B-Grade (Trophy)
Zachary Yu
A-Grade (Trophy)
Nigel Metge

Neil Gunn & Nigel Metge   Neil Gunn & Zachary Yu   Neil Gunn & Claire Gu
Club Champion Nigel Metge with Treasurer Neil Gunn   B-Grade Club Champion Zachary Yu   B-Grade Club Champion Claire Gu
Neil Gunn & CM Felix Xie   Neil Gunn & William Liu   Neil Gunn & Justin Wang
Lightning Champion CM Felix Xie   Rapid Champion William Liu   Fischer-Random Champion Justin Wang
Neil Gunn & Zachary Yu (again)   Neil Gunn & Luna Lu   Neil Gunn, Zachary Yu & Justin Wang
Most Improved Player Zachary Yu   Junior Club Champion Luna Lu   Autumn Winners: Zachary Yu & Justin Wang

Lightning Championship

1st with 9/9 CM Felix Xie
2nd with 8/9 Ralph Hart
Full results on Vega: Lightning Championship

Fischer-Random Championship

1st Justin Zhide Wang with 7.5/8
2nd= (and 2 points behind) David Junyang Zhu & Luna Lu with 5.5/8
Full results on Vega: Fischer-Random Championship

Junior Club Championship

About 80 members took part in the 8-round Junior Club Championship - with two rounds a week, starting Friday 4th November. This was an NZCF-rated event.
1st Luna Xiahan Lu
2nd= Mason Zixuan Xie & Luna Yuexiu Xu
Full results on Vega: Junior Club Championship

Interschools National Finals

Gold Medals: Rangitoto College

Gold medals: Rangitoto College

North Shore teams and North Shore CC members had an amazing performance at this year's National Finals in Christchurch. No fewer that 11 of the 12 board prizes were won by North Shore CC members, and our teams took home a large selection of medals - star performers being Rangitoto College, who won the Secondary section with 14/14 match points.
Full results can be found at NZCF Interschools Results Page
Gold Arahoe (Justin Zhide Wang, Junqing Jerome Tao, Darren So, Carol Huixin Wang, Daniella So)
Silver Willow Park (Taoran Ethan Sun, D P Sayuni Vonara Rehansi, Claire Yuqi Gu, Patrick Di Jiang, Tilden Wang)
Bronze Pinehurst (Bosco Jin, Luna Lu, Isaac Gu, Ethan Yichen Han, Felicia Shen)
Belmont (Tim Zhang, Mason Xie, Jason Xie, Ethan Bohan Zhang) was 4th=, 7th on tiebreak
Board prizes:
1: Justin Zhide Wang (Arahoe)
2: Luna Lu (Pinehurst)
3: Claire Gu (Willow Park)
4 Patrick Di Jiang (Willow Park)
Gold Mt Roskill (Hunter Po'e-Tofaeono, Ayaan Vasudeva, Daksh Bhatt, Pranav Shenoy, Anas Zara)
Silver Pinehurst (David Junyang Zhu, Nicholas Xu, Jerry Yang, Shuntaro Nozaki, Daniel Zhang)
Bronze Kristin (CM Kendrick Botong Zhang, WCM Isabelle Yixuan Ning, Kaigen Li, Eason Guo, Tiger Zhong)
Northcross (Ryan Hwang, Nathan Blunden, Alan Li, Vincent Xu) was 4th
Board prizes:
1: CM Kendrick Zhang (Kristin)
2: WCM Isabelle Ning (Kristin)
3: Alan Li (Northcross)
4: Pranav Shenoy (Mt Roskill)
Gold Rangitoto (CM Felix Xie, Andrew Li, Zachary Yu, Allen Li)
Silver Wellington (Joshua Langford, Ollie Archer, Cohen Young, Zachary Thirkell)
Bronze Auckland Grammar (Oscar Shu Xuan Qin, Aaron Ziwen Wang, Alex Coates, Matthew Chen)
Takapuna Grammar (Daniel Wang, Samuael Moffitt, Hayden Steele, Qixuan Liang, Stephen Weng) and Westlake (CM Richard Meng, Jeffrey Yu, Eddie Kim, Bevis Jiang) were 4th=, 4th and 6th respectively on tiebreak
Board prizes:
1: CM Felix Xie (Rangitoto)
2: Andrew Li (Rangitoto)
3: Zachary Yu (Rangitoto)
4: Matthew Chen (Auckland Grammar)

Board prizes: Primary

Board prizes: Primary

Board prizes: Intermediate

Board prizes: Intermediate

Board prizes: Secondary

Board prizes: Secondary

Silver medals: Willow Park

Silver medals: Willow Park

Bronze medals: Pinehurst

Bronze medals: Pinehurst

Silver medals: Pinehurst

Silver medals: Pinehurst

Bronze medals: Kristin

Bronze medals: Kristin

Rapid Championship, 2nd Leg, October-November 2022

1st William Liu
2nd Ryan Hwang
3rd= Quice Vincent Cebes & Daqi Mao
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship, 2nd Leg

Spring tournament, September-October 2022

1st Timothy Ha with 5/5
2nd Daniel Wang
Full results on Vega: Spring Tournament

September 7th Blitz

1st= Ralph Hart and William Liu with 8/9
Full results on Vega: September 7th Blitz

North Shore Club Championships, June-August 2022

The Club Championships were run as a one-section swiss over 11 rounds, to allow for Covid sickness/isolation and other absences. The B-, C-, and D-grade Championship titles were awarded in rating groups.
North Shore Club Champion (A-Grade): Nigel Metge with 10/11
B-Grade Champion: Zachary Yu
C-Grade Champions: Samuel Moffitt and Srirama Vikhyath Nimmakayala
D-Grade Champions: Claire Yuqi Gu and Jathin Nandan Somaraju
Full results on Vega: Club Championship

Rapid Championship, 1st Leg, June 2022

1st= Daniel Wang & Kendrick Zhang
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship, 1st Leg

Autumn Tournament, April-May 2022

1st= Zachary Yu & Justin Zhide Wang
Full results on Vega: Autumn Tournament

Re-Opening Lightning, April 13th 2022

1st CM Felix Xie with 9/9
Full results on Vega: April 13th Lightning

Summer Cup, February/March 2022

Alas, this had to be cancelled.

2022 First Night Lightning Tournament

The A-Group was won by new member WCM Isabelle Ning, and the B-Group by Conor Sutton.
Vega crosstables are available but please note that these were created after the event and the colours and order of pairings are not accurate. The results and totals are correct!
January 19th A-Group;
January 19th B-Group

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