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Friday 15th December is the last night of this season; the Junior Trophy will be awarded along with certificates for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
We expect to re-open on Friday 26th January 2024 at the NEW VENUE. This is Takapuna War Memorial Hall, 7 The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland 0622.

2023 Junior Club Championship

This was an 8-round Rapid event, NZCF-rated.
1st Hyun Kim 6.5/8
2nd Junfan Yao 6/8
3rd Charlie Yang 5.5/8
Full results on Vega: Junior Club Championship

Hyun Kim   Junfan Yao   Charlie Yang
Hyun Kim   Junfan Yao   Charlie Yang

Chess education

We are reverting to the practice of providing some chess coaching on Friday nights, along with games on a Ladder system - each player will be paired on arrival. This is not intended to be very formal; coaches may interact with players during the evening. The Chessmatcher ladder program is now working perfectly but needs more results before we publish them online! The intention is that players will be able to make themselves 'available' when they arrive, accept pairings, go to assigned boards to play games, input the results themselves, and make themselves 'unavailable' again when they leave.
There is a charge of $3 each time you attend - to make life simple, we request that you either pay $3 cash on arrival, or buy a 10-visit card (discounted to $27) which will be stamped each time. It really isn't possible for us to keep track of the visits of any individual player so please, we would be very grateful if you would assist in keeping this system working. Our only alternative would be to charge a much increased annual fee (currently $35).
If you want more information, please email Sunny Zhong, or Helen Milligan, or follow the WeChat group (ask Sunny for an invite).

Junior Club Information

We have had numerous enquiries about our 'chess course' - please be aware that Junior Club is not a chess course, nor is it childcare. It is an opportunity for kids to play some chess. Parents/guardians must be present with kids aged under 15. We generally don't have the resources to teach complete beginners.

The Junior Club opens at 7pm and closes soon after 8:30pm. North Shore CC does not run any other junior club activities.

In addition to the Junior Club annual membership fee of $35, in 2023 there is a fee of $3 per night, when you attend. Players are expected to sign in at the door, and if the player is under 15 then a parent or care-giver MUST also sign in AND remain present throughout the evening. The fee for the evening is paid on arrival, at the door, when signing in. Check-in cards for 10 visits can be purchased for $27.
Membership fees, and check-in card purchases, can be paid direct to the club's bank account, ASB 123008-0301266-00.

If you can't get to the club, then you can practice tactics here!

The Junior Club is NOT a childcare facility. All players must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Unaccompanied children will not be permitted to attend.

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
In the past few weeks, some children have been left in the club on their own. Some children were left at the club after closing.
We must reiterate that the North Shore Chess Club is not a child care centre. Parents and caregivers are solely responsible for the safety of their children. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver in the club.
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