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2023 Results Page

2023 Fischer-Random Championship

The event was cut to 4 rounds (2 per night) due to overwhelming support for the idea of not playing on past midnight...
Nevertheless, there was an outright winner: William Rui Liu on 4/4
Full results on Vega: Fischer-Random Championship.

2023 Rapid Championship

The Rapid Champion is the player with the best results accumulated in 2 of the 3 legs.
2023 Rapid Champion: Ralph Hart
2nd overall: Zachary Yu
3rd overall: Ryan Hwang

Rapid 3rd Leg, November 2023

1st William Liu
2nd Zachary Yu
Full results on Vega: Rapid 3rd Leg

Spring Tournament, September/October 2023

A-Grade 1st: Ceferino Isaac
B-Grade 1st: Daniel Johns
Full results on Vega: A-Grade round robin: Spring A-Grade;
B-Grade swiss: Spring B-Grade.

New Zealand Fischer-Random Championship - 16th September

Full details at the dedicated webpage:
1st NZ Fischer-Random Championship
NZ Fischer-Random Champion 1st 6/6 FM Alphaeus Wei Ern Ang
Junior Champion 2nd equal 4.5/6 FM Felix Xie
Senior Champion 2nd equal 4.5/6 FM Leonard McLaren
Under 1780 4/6 Zachary Yu
Under 1780 4/6 William Rui Liu
Under 1780 4/6 Miles Lee
Under 1580 3/6 Xxavier Willoughby-Ansell
Under 1580 3/6 Samuel Moffitt
Veteran Champion 3/6 Ceferino Isaac
Women's Champion 2.5/6 Wanyao Sarah Sun
1st equal 5/6 Lawrence Wen
1st equal 5/6 Senuk Rathnayake
1st equal 5/6 Duncan McDonald
Under 20 4/6 Lucas Wang
Under 12 4/6 Joshua Barnes
Under 12 4/6 Taoran Ethan Sun
Under 12 4/6 Paul Yuan
Under 10 3/6 Mason Khong
Under 10 3/6 Carol Huixin Wang
Full results on Vega: Fischer-Random A
Fischer-Random B

NZ Champion FM Alphaeus Ang
Starting position
Chief Organiser/Arbiter

Winter Blitz

Leadership changed hands during the evening but finally the event was won by
1st Ralph Hart with 7.5/9
2nd= Zachary Yu, William Rui Liu, & Daniel Wang with 7/9
Full results on Vega: Winter Blitz.

Club Championship

North Shore CC Champion is David Junyang Zhu, with 7/9.
The B-Grade was won by Patrick Di Jiang, with 8.5/11
The C-Grade was shared by Srirama Nimmakayala and Taylor Sussex, with 6.5/11.
The D-Grade was won by Andy Yang, with 6/11.
Full results on Vega: A-Grade Club Championship
B-Grade Club Championship

Rapid Championship 2nd Leg, May/June 2023

1st Ralph Hart with 6/6
2nd= Daniel Wang & Hayden Steele
Full results on Vega: Rapid 2nd Leg

Autumn Tournament, April/May 2023

Our FIDE-rated Autumn Tournament was split into 5 or 6 rounds depending on section.
The A-Grade was a 5-round 6-player round robin; winners were:
1st= William Rui Liu, WCM Nadia Braganza, & Nigel Metge
The B-Grade was a 6-round swiss; the winners were:
1st Justin Zhide Wang
2nd= John Pakenham & Ceferino Isaac
Full results on Vega: Autumn A-Grade
and Autumn B-Grade

Rapid Championship 1st Leg, March/April 2023

1st= Ralph Hart and Zachary Yu
Full results on Vega: Rapid 1st Leg

Summer Cup, February-March 2023

1st William Rui Liu, with 6½/7
2nd Philli Park-Tamati
3rd Nigel Metge
Full results on Vega: Summer Cup

Match: Secretary's Team vs Challengers Team, January 2023

This annual event usually features the President's team but the President stepped aside to even up the numbers. The result: 4-3 for the Challengers.

  Secretary's Team   Challengers Team
1 Daniel Johns (Secretary) ½ : ½ Antonio Krstev
2 John Pakenham 1 : 0 Ryan Hwang
3 Patrick Di Jiang 0 : 1 Dante Soriano
4 Jacob Barry ½ : ½ Stephen Weng
5 Veda Chen 0 : 1 Brian Winsor
6 D P Sayuni Vonara Rehansi 1 : 0 Matthias Ng
7 Brian Choi 0 : 1 Daniel Zhang
    3 : 4  

January Blitz

1st Ralph Hart with 9/9
2nd= Andrew Li & William Liu
Full results on Vega: January Blitz

January Rapid

Michael Chen organised a Rapid on 7th January.
1st Kai Bo (Bosco) Jin with 6/6
2nd= Isaac Gu, Ethan Yichen Han, & Rex Xiaoyu Chen
Full results on Vega: January Rapid

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