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2021 Schedule

2021 Update

This year we intend to NZCF- and FIDE-rate as many events as possible. This applies to the Lightning Championship, all the legs of the Rapid Championship, and all the standard-rate events, ie Summer Cup, Autumn and Spring Tournaments, and the Club Championships. Players MUST be paid-up members of the North Shore Chess Club in order to take part (yes, it is OK to be a member of other clubs as well!). Players who are not NZ residents or citizens must have FIDE ID from their home country.
Be aware that the time control of the Summer, Spring, and Autumn events is 60+30. FIDE does not rate games at this time control for players over 2200. The Summer Cup has been registered with FIDE already and will go ahead at 60+30. If there is demand from 2200+ players, we will reconsider the time control for Autumn and Spring. The Club Championship, of course, is 90+30 and will be rated for everyone (where possible).
NSCC only meets when Auckland is in Level 1 (or better!). If social distancing is compulsory (ie Level 2 or above), then the club is closed. If, as might happen, you live in a Level 2 area, and the club is in a Level 1 area, then you should not come to the club.
Please be aware that the schedule will change as a consequence of closures! We will try to maintain an accurate version here...

Jan  20 Lightning, Individual
 27 Match, President's Team v Rest
Feb  3 Summer Cup (1)
   10      "      "       (2)
 17      "      "       (3) Closed
 24      "      "       (3)
Mar   3      "      "       (4) Closed
   10      "      "       (5) Closed
 17 AGM + round 4 of the Summer Cup
 24 Summer Cup (5)
 31 Summer Cup (6)
Apr   7 Summer Cup (7)
   14 Autumn Tournament (1)
 21           "           "         (2)
 28           "           "         (3)
May   5           "           "         (4)
 12           "           "         (5)
 19 Lightning, 9-round FIDE-rated swiss
 26 Rapid Championship, 2nd Leg (1-2)
June   2        "         "         "         "     (3-4)
   9        "         "         "         "     (5-6)
 16 Club Championships (1)
 23          "          "           (2)
 30          "          "           (3)
July   7          "          "           (4)
   14          "          "     (Catch-up games)
 21          "          "           (5)
 28          "          "           (6)
Aug   4          "          "           (7)
   11          "          "           (8)
 18          "          "           (9)
 25 Rapid Championship, postponed 1st Leg (1-3)
Sep   1          "          "          "         "         (4-6)
   8 Spring Tournament (1)
 15          "          "          (2)
 22          "          "          (3)
 29          "          "          (4)
Oct   6          "          "          (5)
 13 Rapid Championship, 3rd Leg (1-2)
 20        "         "         "         "     (3-4)
 27        "         "         "         "     (5-6)
Nov   3 Fischer Random (Chess960) Championship
   10         "         "         "         
 17         "         "         "         
 24         "         "         "         
Dec   1 Lightning Championship (FIDE rated)
   8 Trophy Presentation - Closing Night

You can download a pdf version of this schedule here.

Summer Cup: 7-round Swiss with time control of all moves in 60 minutes with 30 seconds increment added per move from move 1 (scoresheets must be kept up-to-date throughout the game). Up to two half-point byes available (but not final round) – if notified a week in advance. Players absent without giving notice will score 0.

Lightning Tournaments: The time control for club lightning tournaments is “3 + 2”, i.e. 3 minutes plus an increment of 2 seconds per move from move one. This year, the Lightning Championship will be a 9-round swiss. Other events may be run as swiss system if someone is present to run the Vega pairings.

Rapid Championship: Grand Prix format with three NZCF-rated 6-round Swisses (2 rounds per night). Each player counts his/her two best results with ties broken by the players' third scores. Time control is 25 minutes per player with an increment of 10 seconds added per move from move 1.

Fischer-Random Championship: For the first time, there will be a Fischer-Random Championship, in November. The exact format of this event will be determined later. We anticipate a Rapid time control and two rounds per evening.

Autumn and Spring Tournaments – top section a round-robin; the rest play in a swiss. Time controls as for Summer Cup (ie 60 min with 30 sec increment).

Club Championships: Our premier club tournament; NZCF-rated events with standard time control of 90 minutes for the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move 1. Top section round-robin; the rest will play in a swiss with B-Grade and C-Grade trophies to be awarded on the basis of grading bands (to be decided depending on entries). Other prizes (eg D-Grade certificate) if entries permit.

Format Changes: In view of the large number of unplayed/defaulted games in round robins we have decided to make most events swiss-system, where players without an opponent can be re-paired on the night. The top section in our Autumn, Spring, and Club Championship events will be a round-robin, as before.

How to enter club tournaments: For lightning or rapid events entries are taken on the (first) night until 7:30 pm. Entries from members arriving after this time may be accepted but there cannot be any guarantee once an exact event format has been determined. For longer events an entry list is usually posted on the club notice board a few weeks in advance of the first round with entries closing on the Wednesday before the first round. Again it may be possible to accept late entries on the first night if the format permits. Entries may also be emailed/phoned to the Club Captain up to the Sunday before the first round.

Commitment: In round-robin tournaments you commit yourself to play all the rounds. It is appreciated that the unexpected happens occasionally, preventing attendance on a Wednesday evening. The Club Captain should be notified and an alternative playing time arranged if possible (there are catch-up nights for the Club Championship only).
In all other events, it would be appreciated if you would let us know if you do not want to be included in the pairings that night. Half-point byes are sometimes available for those who cannot play; in general you should expect to score zero if you are not there.

Note: our Junior Club on Friday evenings (7:00-8:30pm) will restart on Friday 22nd January. This year, we will continue offering more structured coaching, for an additional small fee.
The last night this year for Junior Club will be Friday 10th December.