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2021 Results Page

2021 Club Championships

The committee has decided to abandon round 9 of the Club Championships. The results from the first 8 rounds are being sent for FIDE rating.
Our 2021 Champions are (note corrections to C and D):
A-Grade: CM Felix Xie
B-Grade: Daniel Wang and WCM Nadia Braganza
C-Grade: William Rui Liu and Lucas Barnett-Harris
D-grade:  Tim Lifan Zhang
E-grade: Mitchell Bremner
Final results on Vega: Club Championship A-Grade round-robin
Club Championship B-Grade swiss

Rapid Championship '2nd leg'

The first leg had to be postponed due to Covid. We hope to hold it in August/September.
1st CM Felix Xie
2nd Hao Tang
3rd= WIM Jasmine Zhang, Andrew Li, & Neil Gunn
Full results on Vega at Rapid Championship 2nd leg

May 19th Lightning Tournament

1st= Ralph Hart & WIM Jasmine Zhang
3rd Felix Xie
Full results on Vega at May 19th Lightning

Autumn Tournament, April/May 2021

1st= Felix Xie and Ralph Hart
1st= Hao Tang and Allen Li
Rating groups within the B-Grade as follows:
C-Grade 1st David Zhu
D-Grade 1st= Daniel Wang, William Liu, and Emily Gan
E-Grade 1st Markus Salvador
Full results on Vega: Autumn A-Grade
Autumn B-Grade swiss

Summer Cup, February/March/April 2021

Our Summer Cup is now complete, with the full 7 rounds this year, FIDE rated!
1st Felix Xie (joint holder of the North Island Championship, which he won over the weekend!)
2nd Hao Tang
3rd= WIM Jasmine Zhang, Antonio Krstev, and Allen Li
Full results on Vega: Summer Cup

FIDE Rating

This year we intend to NZCF- and FIDE-rate as many events as possible. This applies to the Lightning Championship, all the legs of the Rapid Championship, and all the standard-rate events, ie Summer Cup, Autumn and Spring Tournaments, and the Club Championships. Players MUST be paid-up members of the North Shore Chess Club in order to take part (yes, it is OK to be a member of other clubs in addition). Players who are not NZ residents or citizens must have FIDE ID from their home country.
Be aware that the time control of the Summer, Spring, and Autumn events is 60+30. FIDE does not rate games at this time control for players over 2200 (though they can take part). The Summer Cup has been registered with FIDE already and will go ahead at 60+30. If there is demand from 2200+ players, we will reconsider the time control for Autumn and Spring. The Club Championship, of course, is 90+30 and will be rated for everyone (where possible).
NSCC only meets when Auckland is in Level 1 (or better!). If social distancing is compulsory (ie Level 2 or above), then the club is closed. If, as might happen, you live in a Level 2 area, and the club is in a Level 1 area, then you should not come to the club.

Match: Secretary's Team v. Treasurer's Team

This annual event usually features the President's team but the President once again stepped aside to even up the numbers. It should be noted that the President picked the teams on the basis of internal ratings. The result: a close win, determined by the final game to finish, when Zachary Yu beat Sean Myers. 7½-5½ for the Secretary's team.

  Secretary's Team   Treasurer's Team
1 Ceferino Isaac 1 : 0 Neil Gunn (Treasurer)
2 Daniel Johns (Secretary) 0 : 1 Philip Hair
3 Andrew Li 1 : 0 Matthew Chen
4 Jeffrey Yu 0 : 1 Allen Li
5 Steve Holdaway ½ : ½ Dante Soriano
6 David Zhu 1 : 0 Tim Zhang
7 Zachary Yu 1 : 0 Sean Myers
8 Lucas Barnett-Harris 1 : 0 William Liu
9 Daniel Chua 1 : 0 Richard Aylett
10 Michael Hughes 0 : 1 Emily Gan
11 Daniel Wang 0 : 1 Ting Liang
12 Michael Barker 1 : 0 Terry Wong
13 Conor Sutton 0 : 1 Fred Gan
    7½ : 5½  

2021 First Night Lightning Tournament

Felix Xie won the first event of 2021.
2nd Antonio Krstev
3rd Nigel Metge
See full results on Vega at First Night Lightning

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