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2023 Peter Stuart Memorial

2023 Peter Stuart Memorial Open/North Island Championship, 13-16 July

You can find all the information, links, and registration details at the dedicated webpage: Peter Stuart Memorial Open

North Island Champion and 1st 7/8 FM Alphaeus Wei Ern Ang
2nd equal 6/8 IM Tom Middelburg
2nd equal 6/8 CM Alex Nagorski
2nd equal 6/8 Miles Lee
Under 1800 equal 4.5/8 Yolanda Chang
Under 1800 equal 4.5/8 Duncan McDonald
Under 1800 equal 4.5/8 Jenny Qi
Under 1800 equal 4.5/8 David Junyang Zhu
Under 1800 equal 4.5/8 Preeyansh Roul
Under 1520 equal 4.5/8 Leo Baker
Under 1520 equal 4.5/8 Karl Holdo
North Island Championship awards:
North Island Champion 1st 7/8 FM Alphaeus Wei Ern Ang
North Island Women's Champion 5th equal 5.5/8 WCM Nadia Braganza
North Island Girls Champion 5th equal 5.5/8 WCM Isabelle Yixuan Ning
North Island Boys Champion 5th equal 5.5/8 Philli Park-Tamati
North Island Senior Champion 5th equal 5.5/8 FM Leonard J McLaren
North Island Veteran Champion 44th equal 2.5/8 J Nigel Metge
Upset Prizes
Upset Prize Round 1/8 Philip Mukkattu (beat Nigel Metge)
Upset Prize Round 2/8 Duncan McDonald (beat Leonard McLaren)
Upset Prize Round 3/8 Dion A Wilson (beat Timothy Ha)
Upset Prize Round 4/8 Brogan Powlesland (beat Hunter Po'e-Tofaeono)
Upset Prize Round 5/8 Harrison Xiang Zhi Meng (beat Annie Yue)
Upset Prize Round 6/8 Grayson Po'e-Tofaeono (beat Nigel Metge)
Upset Prize Round 7/8 Patrick Di Jiang (beat Nigel Metge)
Upset Prize Round 8/8 Dion A Wilson (beat Nigel Metge)

Full results on Vega: Peter Stuart Memorial/North Island Championship


The event will be NZCF- and FIDE-rated where possible. Non-NZL players must provide FIDE ID before the tournament begins.

Half-point Byes

A player may take a half-point bye in any one of the first 7 rounds. Notice should be given before the start of the tournament and may be given on the entry form.


Thursday, 13th July
9:00am Players’ Meeting
9:30am Round 1
2:30pm Round 2
Friday, 14th July
9:30am Round 3
2:30pm Round 4
Saturday, 15th July
9:30am Round 5
2:30pm Round 6
Sunday, 16th July
9:30am Round 7
2:30pm Round 8
The prizegiving will take place as soon as possible after the conclusion of the last round.


For entries (including entry fee) received by 7th July the entry fee is: $80
Those on the waiting list will be invited to join (and pay) at this time if there is space.
No entries on the day of the event.
The organisers reserve the right to refuse entries.

Prize Fund

The prize fund is $3620 (increased thanks to a kind sponsor!)
First $750
Second $500
Third $400
Grade prizes $360 total
100% bonus for 8/8 $200
Upset prizes will be distributed each round (total $160)
Prizes for those resident in the North Island
North Island Champion (will hold the North Island Championship trophy for a year): $500
North Island Women’s Champion: $150
North Island Senior Champion: $150
North Island Veteran Champion: $150
North Island Boys Champion (under 20): $150
North Island Girls Champion (under 20): $150
Players may win Upset, 100%, and NI prizes in addition to one major prize. Only one NI prize per player.

Coronavirus issues

Masks are strongly recommended. The FIDE requirement to shake hands will not be enforced. Food and drink should be consumed outside.

We renamed the North Shore Open to commemorate Peter Stuart.

Peter Stuart

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