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2017 North Shore Open

August 26th-27th 2017 - North Shore Open, Auckland.
After experiencing severe problems in finding a venue for this year's event, North Shore CC accepted the kind offer of the Auckland Chess Centre to host it.

1st= FM Ben Hague & CM Alphaeus Ang
3rd FM Leonard McLaren
4th= FM Daniel Gong, FM Michael Steadman & Kirill Polishchuk
Grade prize 2000-2100: CM Allen Fan, Sherry Li & Gordon Morrell (also 4th=)
Grade prize under 2000: Daniel Runcan & CM Benjamin Lim (also 4th=)

1st Everett Bishop 2nd Simon Lyall
3rd= CM Don Eade & Timothy Ha
Grade prize under 1700: CM Richard Meng, Winston Weng & Euan McDougall (also 3rd=)

1st Anthony Power 2nd Abraham Deng
3rd= Jacob Barry & Philip Te Whata
Grade prize under 1300: Jeffrey Yu, Kendrick Zhang & John McRae

Full results on Vega: Open; B-Grade; C-Grade.
Most of the games in the Open and B-Grade are available as pgn downloads or play-through in the Vega files.
Photos thanks to Simon Lyall:
Day 1:
Day 2:

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