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2018 Peter Stuart Memorial

August 25th-26th 2018 - Peter Stuart Memorial, Auckland.

We renamed the North Shore Open to commemorate Peter Stuart.

Peter Stuart
A class 1 Grand Prix event, with three 5-round swiss sections, all FIDE and NZCF rated (where possible).
Prize fund: $2250.
1st= Evan Capel (Malaysia) & FM Mike Steadman
3rd FM Ben Hague
Flukey 1.c4 Upset Prize: Winston Weng for his draw v. Gino Thornton
(Donated by Stephen Lukey, barrister, in appreciation of years of friendship and encouragement from Peter)
Rating u2000: Antonio Krstev & CM Benjamin Lim
Rating u1850: CM Alex Nagorski, Juni Aguilar (Philippines), Philip Hair, CM Richard Meng, & Xinyang Liu
1st= Erwin Koestanto (Indonesia) & Brett Rider
3rd Euan McDougall
Rating u1600: Nigel Cooper & Felix Xie
Rating u1460: Philli Park-Tamati
1st= Ravi Lakshmi & Edward Ashworth
3rd Jay Zi Xuan Zhao
Age prizes: Grown-Up - Ying Wang
Born 2001-2006: Kevin Shen Su
Born 2007-2009: Thomas Zheng
Born 2009 or later: Pasindu Jayawickrama (Sri Lanka)

Full results on Vega: Open; B-Grade; C-Grade.
More photos: see the NZ Chess News Facebook

Michael Whaley, long-time friend of Peter Stuart, spoke a few words at the prize-giving and then presented the prizes. He told us that Peter's brother and sister were very pleased to hear about the re-naming of this event in Peter's memory.

Mike Steadman, Evan Capel & Michael Whaley   FM Ben Hague & Michael Whaley   Winston Weng & Michael Whaley
Winners FM Mike Steadman & Evan Capel with Michael Whaley, who presented the prizes   3rd FM Ben Hague   Flukey 1.c4 Upset prize: Winston Weng
Michael Whaley & Antonio Krstev   Philip Hair, Alex Nagorski, Richard Meng & Michael Whaley   Brett Rider, Erwin Koestanto, & Michael Whaley
Grade prize: Antonio Krstev   Grade prize: Philip Hair, CM Alex Nagorski, & CM Richard Meng   B-Grade winners: Brett Rider & Erwin Koestanto
Felix Xie & Michael Whaley   Philli Park-Tamati   Ravi Lakshmi & Edward Ashworth
Grade prize: Felix Xie   Grade prize: Philli Park-Tamati   C-Grade winners: Ravi Lakshmi & Edward Ashworth
Pasindu Jayawickrama & Michael Whaley  
Age prize: Pasindu Jayawickrama  

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