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If you have had Covid recently, then we recommend that you do not return to chess club until your RAT test is negative. Let's keep everybody safe. Masks are still required for everybody at the club; this requirement is unlikely to be changed this year (or next).
The next event at the club will be our 9-round FIDE-rated Lightning Championship.
Please email Helen to add your name:
Follow on Vega: Lightning Championship

The Fischer-Random Championship finishes on November 30th.
Follow on Vega: Fischer-Random Championship

North Shore Spring Rapid

We held a one-day rapid tournament (big prizes!) on Saturday 26th November: see the dedicated webpage at:
North Shore Spring Rapid
1st CM Felix Xie
2nd FM John Duneas
3rd Daqi Mao
B-Grade (amalgamated with A and defined by rating):
1st Samuel Moffitt
2nd= David Junyang Zhu & Great Boyou Lau
1st Yuehan (Max) Xia, who also won a bonus for scoring 6/6
2nd= Buthsara Hettiarachchi & Bruce Chen

Junior Club Championship

About 80 members took part in the 8-round Friday night Junior Club Championship - with two rounds a week, starting Friday 4th November. This was an NZCF-rated event.
1st Luna Xiahan Lu
2nd= Mason Zixuan Xie & Luna Yuexiu Xu
Email Michael Chen for more information on Friday night activities.
Full results on Vega: Junior Club Championship

Rapid Championship, 2nd Leg

1st William Liu
2nd Ryan Hwang
3rd= Quice Vincent Cebes & Daqi Mao
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship, 2nd Leg

Spring tournament, September-October

1st Timothy Ha with 5/5
2nd Daniel Wang
Full results on Vega: Spring Tournament

Interschools National Finals

Gold Medals: Rangitoto College

Gold medals: Rangitoto College

North Shore teams and North Shore CC members had an amazing performance at this year's National Finals in Christchurch. No fewer that 11 of the 12 board prizes were won by North Shore CC members, and our teams took home a large selection of medals - star performers being Rangitoto College, who won the Secondary section with 14/14 match points.
Full results can be found at NZCF Interschools Results Page
Gold Arahoe (Justin Zhide Wang, Junqing Jerome Tao, Darren So, Carol Huixin Wang, Daniella So)
Silver Willow Park (Taoran Ethan Sun, D P Sayuni Vonara Rehansi, Claire Yuqi Gu, Patrick Di Jiang, Tilden Wang)
Bronze Pinehurst (Bosco Jin, Luna Lu, Isaac Gu, Ethan Yichen Han, Felicia Shen)
Belmont (Tim Zhang, Mason Xie, Jason Xie, Ethan Bohan Zhang) was 4th=, 7th on tiebreak
Board prizes:
1: Justin Zhide Wang (Arahoe)
2: Luna Lu (Pinehurst)
3: Claire Gu (Willow Park)
4 Patrick Di Jiang (Willow Park)
Gold Mt Roskill (Hunter Po'e-Tofaeono, Ayaan Vasudeva, Daksh Bhatt, Pranav Shenoy, Anas Zara)
Silver Pinehurst (David Junyang Zhu, Nicholas Xu, Jerry Yang, Shuntaro Nozaki, Daniel Zhang)
Bronze Kristin (CM Kendrick Botong Zhang, WCM Isabelle Yixuan Ning, Kaigen Li, Eason Guo, Tiger Zhong)
Northcross (Ryan Hwang, Nathan Blunden, Alan Li, Vincent Xu) was 4th
Board prizes:
1: CM Kendrick Zhang (Kristin)
2: WCM Isabelle Ning (Kristin)
3: Alan Li (Northcross)
4: Pranav Shenoy (Mt Roskill)
Gold Rangitoto (CM Felix Xie, Andrew Li, Zachary Yu, Allen Li)
Silver Wellington (Joshua Langford, Ollie Archer, Cohen Young, Zachary Thirkell)
Bronze Auckland Grammar (Oscar Shu Xuan Qin, Aaron Ziwen Wang, Alex Coates, Matthew Chen)
Takapuna Grammar (Daniel Wang, Samuael Moffitt, Hayden Steele, Qixuan Liang, Stephen Weng) and Westlake (CM Richard Meng, Jeffrey Yu, Eddie Kim, Bevis Jiang) were 4th=, 4th and 6th respectively on tiebreak
Board prizes:
1: CM Felix Xie (Rangitoto)
2: Andrew Li (Rangitoto)
3: Zachary Yu (Rangitoto)
4: Matthew Chen (Auckland Grammar)

Board prizes: Primary

Board prizes: Primary

Board prizes: Intermediate

Board prizes: Intermediate

Board prizes: Secondary

Board prizes: Secondary

Silver medals: Willow Park

Silver medals: Willow Park

Bronze medals: Pinehurst

Bronze medals: Pinehurst

Silver medals: Pinehurst

Silver medals: Pinehurst

Bronze medals: Kristin

Bronze medals: Kristin

September 7th Blitz

1st= Ralph Hart and William Liu with 8/9
Full results on Vega: September 7th Blitz

North Shore Club Championships, June-August 2022

The Club Championships were run as a one-section swiss over 11 rounds, to allow for Covid sickness/isolation and other absences. The B-, C-, and D-grade Championship titles were awarded in rating groups.
North Shore Club Champion (A-Grade): Nigel Metge with 10/11
B-Grade Champion: Zachary Yu
C-Grade Champions: Samuel Moffitt and Srirama Vikhyath Nimmakayala
D-Grade Champions: Claire Yuqi Gu and Jathin Nandan Somaraju
Full results on Vega: Club Championship

Peter Stuart Memorial Open

You can find full results and links in the dedicated webpage:
Peter Stuart Memorial Open
Winner of the Open was FM Alphaeus Ang with 6/6, and winner of the Reserve was Henry Vital.
Full results on Vega:
PSM Open
PSM Reserve (under 2000 FIDE)

Rapid Championship, 1st Leg, June 2022

1st= Daniel Wang & Kendrick Zhang
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship, 1st Leg

AGM, May 25th 2022

President Helen Milligan; Secretary Daniel Johns; Treasurer Neil Gunn;
Vice-Presidents Richard Aylett & Ralph Hart;
Club Captain Michael Chen
Committee Members Ceferino Isaac, Nigel Metge, Sean Myers, & Sunny Zhong.
There was an informal blitz tournament while the new committee had its first meeting - this was won by Zachary Yu.
A Vega file which mostly agrees with the final results is available here! May 25th Blitz

Autumn Tournament

1st= Zachary Yu & Justin Zhide Wang
Full results on Vega: Autumn Tournament

Lecture by GM Dejan Bojkov

Part 2 of this lecture was held at 7:30pm on Wednesday 2nd March and was equally well received!
Once again, we are attempting to fill the gaping void on Wednesday evenings by running Zoom lectures by GM Dejan Bojkov. At 7:30pm on 9th February, Dejan will present the first part of "Dynamic Power versus Static Weakness in the Cousins" - this is free for club members. Please email our Secretary, Daniel Johns, email, if you want a copy of the Zoom link, which will be made available nearer the time.

Zoom session: Lecture on Isolated Queen's Pawn

Lightning on the First Night

We ran informal round-robin Blitz tournaments on the first club night of 2022.
The A-Group was won by new member WCM Isabelle Ning, and the B-Group by Conor Sutton.
Vega crosstables are available but please note that these were created after the event and the colours and order of pairings are not accurate. The results and totals are correct!
January 19th A-Group;
January 19th B-Group

The Inimitable Larsen: lecture by GM Dejan Bojkov

A second lecture was held 8pm on Wednesday 1st December. It was presented on Zoom and was free for North Shore club members.
Once again, GM Bojkov's presentation was both instructive and entertaining, and he gave us the opportunity to ask a wide range of questions afterwards. There are no more lectures this year but perhaps we should try to hold some next year, even if we manage to return to OTB play!

Philidor's Legacy: lecture by GM Dejan Bojkov

The lecture was well-attended and greatly appreciated by those present.

Zoom session: Lecture on Philidor's Legacy

Recent interesting games!

A new feature - interesting games will be added to this play-through applet.

2022 Update on Rating

This year we will continue to NZCF- and FIDE-rate as many events as possible. This applies to the Lightning Championship, all the legs of the Rapid Championship, and all the standard-rate events, ie Summer Cup, Autumn and Spring Tournaments, and the Club Championships. Players MUST be paid-up members of the North Shore Chess Club in order to take part (yes, it is OK to be a member of other clubs in addition). Players who are not NZ residents or citizens must have FIDE ID from their home country.
Please scroll down to see membership fees and our bank details.

Online chess

North Shore CC now has a presence on LiChess. If you wish to represent NSCC in NZCF or other online events, please register: North Shore Chess Club - Auckland NZ team.

Membership fees

Membership fees can be paid direct to the club's bank account, ASB 123008-0301266-00. The current fees are $80 for full membership, $50 for schoolpupil (ie a junior who is playing on Wednesday nights), and $30 for Junior Club only (ie a junior who attends only on Friday nights).

Club information

The North Shore Chess Club was founded in 1956 and has been supporting chess on the North Shore and the Auckland region since that date.

From our current premises in the Northcote Senior Citizens Association Hall, on the corner of College Rd and Ernie Mays St, we hold our club nights every Wednesday, from early January through until mid December. Organised tournament play starts at 7.30pm. If you would like to know more, please contact the Club President, Helen Milligan, details listed below, or just turn up!
We also run a junior tuition night on most Fridays, starting at 7pm. This is aimed at junior players looking for some guidance & tuition. We offer some formal coaching at Junior Club for a charge of $5 per evening. Basic tuition is still available at $2, as before.

North Shore CC, P.O. Box 33-587, Takapuna, Auckland 0740. Meets Wednesdays 7.30pm, Northcote Citizens Centre, cnr College Rd/Ernie Mays St, Northcote (see map, below).
Junior tuition: on Fridays from 7:00pm.
President and Contact: Helen Milligan, email
Secretary: Daniel Johns, email

Map of the area

This is the venue. There is plenty of parking available nearby.

Northcote Citizens Centre

Events are scheduled throughout the year. The annual subscription is $80 (schoolpupil $50; $30 if playing only in the Junior Club).

Friendly matches on the last night of the year.

Friendly games and cake on the last club night of the year.