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Next event - our FIDE-rated Rapid Championship 1st Leg (6 rounds) starts on 29th March. Please email Helen if you want to play.
Follow the Rapid Championship 1st Leg on Vega: Rapid 1st Leg

We will be holding a one-day Open Fischer-Random Championship later in the year, thanks to a kind anonymous donor who has put up $1500 towards the prize fund! Watch this space for more information and let us know if you are keen to take part.
UPDATE - it will be the official New Zealand Fischer-Random Championship!

In 2023 the following will still apply:
If you have had Covid recently, then we recommend that you do not return to chess club until your RAT test is negative. Let's keep everybody safe.
Masks are still required for everybody at the club.

Check the Schedule for other forthcoming events! (Link in the Menu)

Summer Cup

The winner of the Summer Cup was William Rui Liu, with 6½/7 (and it should be noted that he did not drop half a point in any game - he took a bye in round 2).
2nd Philli Park-Tamati
3rd Nigel Metge
Full results on Vega: Summer Cup

AGM, March 15th 2023

President: Helen Milligan
Secretary: Daniel Johns
Treasurer: Neil Gunn
Vice-President: Ralph Hart
Club Captain: Michael Chen
Committee Members: Nigel Metge, Sean Myers, & Sunny Zhong.
Two round-robin Blitz sections ran while the Committee members had their first meeting. They were of mixed strength.
Group A (9 players):
1st Luna Xu
2nd Luna Lu
3rd= Stephen Weng & Hong Yuan
Group B (8 players):
1st= Philli Park-Tamati, Justin Wang, David Zhu, and William Liu
(Subject to correction as the crosstable is not clear!)

Match: Secretary's Team vs Challengers Team, January 2023

This annual event usually features the President's team but the President stepped aside to even up the numbers. The result: 4-3 for the Challengers.

  Secretary's Team   Challengers Team
1 Daniel Johns (Secretary) ½ : ½ Antonio Krstev
2 John Pakenham 1 : 0 Ryan Hwang
3 Patrick Di Jiang 0 : 1 Dante Soriano
4 Jacob Barry ½ : ½ Stephen Weng
5 Veda Chen 0 : 1 Brian Winsor
6 D P Sayuni Vonara Rehansi 1 : 0 Matthias Ng
7 Brian Choi 0 : 1 Daniel Zhang
    3 : 4  

January Blitz

1st Ralph Hart with 9/9
2nd= Andrew Li & William Liu
Full results on Vega: January Blitz

January Rapid

Michael Chen organised a Rapid on 7th January.
1st Kai Bo (Bosco) Jin with 6/6
2nd= Isaac Gu, Ethan Yichen Han, & Rex Xiaoyu Chen
Full results on Vega: January Rapid

2022 Prizegiving Night

Summer Cup – not held this year
Autumn Tournament
Zachary Yu & Justin Zhide Wang
Spring Tournament
Timothy Ha
Junior Champion (Trophy)
Luna Xiahan Lu
Most Improved Player (Trophy)
Zachary Yu
Fischer-Random Champion
Justin Zhide Wang
Rapid Champion (Trophy)
William Rui Liu
Lightning Champion (Trophy)
CM Felix Xie
Club Championship

Claire Yuqi Gu & Jathin Nandan Somaraju
C-Grade (Trophy)
Samuel Moffitt & Srirama Vikhyath Nimmakayala
B-Grade (Trophy)
Zachary Yu
A-Grade (Trophy)
Nigel Metge

Neil Gunn & Nigel Metge   Neil Gunn & Zachary Yu   Neil Gunn & Claire Gu
Club Champion Nigel Metge with Treasurer Neil Gunn   B-Grade Club Champion Zachary Yu   B-Grade Club Champion Claire Gu
Neil Gunn & CM Felix Xie   Neil Gunn & William Liu   Neil Gunn & Justin Wang
Lightning Champion CM Felix Xie   Rapid Champion William Liu   Fischer-Random Champion Justin Wang
Neil Gunn & Zachary Yu (again)   Neil Gunn & Luna Lu   Neil Gunn, Zachary Yu & Justin Wang
Most Improved Player Zachary Yu   Junior Club Champion Luna Lu   Autumn Winners: Zachary Yu & Justin Wang

Recent interesting games!

A new feature - interesting games will be added to this play-through applet.

2023 Update on Rating

This year we will continue to NZCF- and FIDE-rate as many events as possible. This applies to the Lightning Championship, all the legs of the Rapid Championship, and all the standard-rate events, ie Summer Cup, Autumn and Spring Tournaments, and the Club Championships. Players MUST be paid-up members of the North Shore Chess Club in order to take part (yes, it is OK to be a member of other clubs in addition). Players who are not NZ residents or citizens must have FIDE ID from their home country.
Please scroll down to see membership fees and our bank details.

Online chess

North Shore CC now has a presence on LiChess. If you wish to represent NSCC in NZCF or other online events, please register: North Shore Chess Club - Auckland NZ team.

Membership fees

Membership fees can be paid direct to the club's bank account, ASB 123008-0301266-00.
The current fees are $85 for full membership, $55 for schoolpupil (ie a junior who is playing on Wednesday nights), and $35 for Junior Club only (ie a junior who attends only on Friday nights).

Club information

The North Shore Chess Club was founded in 1956 and has been supporting chess on the North Shore and the Auckland region since that date.

From our current premises in the Northcote Senior Citizens Association Hall, on the corner of College Rd and Ernie Mays St, we hold our club nights every Wednesday, from early January through until mid December. Organised tournament play starts at 7.30pm. If you would like to know more, please contact the Club President, Helen Milligan, details listed below, or just turn up!
We also run a junior night on most Fridays, starting at 7pm.

North Shore CC, postal address c/o Helen Milligan, 3/7 Owens Road, Devonport, Auckland 0624. Meets Wednesdays 7.30pm, at Northcote Citizens Centre, cnr College Rd/Ernie Mays St, Northcote (see map, below).
Junior tuition: on Fridays from 7:00pm.
President and Contact: Helen Milligan, email
Secretary: Daniel Johns, email

Map of the area

This is the venue. There is plenty of parking available nearby.

Northcote Citizens Centre