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2021 Interschools

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2021 National Finals

These were cancelled.

2021 North Shore Interschools: Secondary

Thanks to Carmel College for hosting the event for the first time this year!
Secondary: Wednesday July 28th
Rangitoto College A (CM Felix Xie, Andrew Li, Allen Li, & Zachary Yu)
Westlake Boys High School A (CM Richard Meng, Jeffrey Yu, Eddie Kim, & Michael Zhou)
Westlake Boys High School B (Jay Chen, Richard Jia, Daniel Chew, & Dennis Hu)
Medals for scores of 6/6:
CM Felix Xie (Rangitoto A)
Lucas McNeil (Rangitoto C)
Wanyao Sarah Sun (Carmel A)
Rangitoto College qualifies for the National Finals (and for the Auckland Finals, if held).
Flyer as pdf: North Shore Secondary Interschools Information
Full results on Orion: North Shore Secondary
Dedicated webpage with links (including photo album): Secondary

2021 North Shore Interschools: Intermediate

Thanks to Wairau Intermediate School for hosting Primary and Intermediate!
Intermediate: Tuesday June 29th
Gold: Kristin A
WCM Isabelle Yixuan Ning, Kendrick Botong Zhang, Frank Deng, & Kaigen Li
Silver: Takapuna A
Cherry Ruichen Wang, Bevis Jiang, Kaylie Chen, & Harrison Xiao
Bronze: Albany Junior High
Pamiru M G K Gallage, Kavin Nila Vignesh Kumar, Jessie Wei, Saiuran Sabriel Govender, & Okithya Nellagoda
Medals for scores of 6/6:
WCM Isabelle Yixuan Ning of Kristin A
Bevis Jiang of Takapuna A
Frank Deng of Kristin A
Kristin and Takapuna qualify for the National Finals.
Kristin qualifies for the Auckland Finals (if held).
Flyer as pdf: North Shore Intermediate Interschools Information
Full results on Orion: North Shore Intermediate
Dedicated webpage with links (including photo album): Intermediate

2021 North Shore Interschools: Primary results

Primary: Monday June 28th
Gold: Sherwood A
David Junyang Zhu, William Rui Liu, Dorian O'Rourke, & Vincent Xu
Silver: Pinehurst A
Jerry Yang, Kaibo (Bosco) Jin, Sam Jiang, & Isaac Gu
Bronze: Belmont
Lifan (Tim) Zhang, Mason Zixuan Xie, Jason Zihan Xie, & Ethan BoHan Zhang
Medals for scores of 6/6:
Emily Gan, Milford A
Claire Yuqi Gu, Willow Park C
William Rui Liu, Sherwood A
Dorian O'Rourke, Sherwood A
Sherwood, Pinehurst, and Belmont qualify for the National Finals.
Sherwood qualifies for the Auckland Finals (if held).
Flyer as pdf: North Shore Primary Interschools Information
Full results on Orion: North Shore Primary
Dedicated webpage with links (including photo album): Primary

Rules for Interschool events

These are qualifying events for the 2021 NZCF National Interschool Championships, to be held 2-3 October 2021 (venue to be advised). The winner of each regional event will represent that region in the appropriate division (Primary, Intermediate, or Secondary). If 20 or more teams compete, a second school will qualify; if 30 or more teams, a third school will qualify. Schools may enter as many teams as they like, but can only win one qualifying place.

Tournament Format: Matches are played on four boards (two with white and two with black pieces), so four players are required for each team. We will allow teams with 3 players but not fewer. Teams may have 5 players (with one resting each round) but the rule about staying in the same order applies. There will be six rounds using the Swiss pairing method (Orion or VegaTeam software).

Teams and Board Order: The players in each team should be ranked as closely as possible in order of playing strength, with the strongest player on board one, the second strongest on board two, etc. This order must remain unchanged throughout the day. Please indicate the order on the entry form and confirm with the arbiter on arrival. Furthermore, a school’s A-team should be stronger than its B-team, etc. It is permissible for a school's reserve player to float between teams but he/she must be listed as the fifth player for all relevant teams before the event starts. No team may have more than 5 players listed.

Playing Times: Teams need to register their presence before 9:00am on the day of the tournament. A players’ meeting will follow and the first round should commence about 9:15am. There will be a break for lunch and we aim to finish by 2:30pm. Digital chess clocks will be used with each player having 15 minutes base time for the game plus additional time of 5 seconds added per move. This time control is similar to that used in the National Finals.

Illegal Moves: We intend to NZCF- and FIDE-rate the Secondary and the Intermediate, though not the Primary this year. Note that this means a slight modification to the NZCF Interschool rules. Rated games require that we play by the official laws of chess, where the second illegal move loses the game. We believe that a very large percentage of the competitors will already be familiar with this, and that it is unlikely to cause any problems.

Adult Support: Visiting school teams must have an adult (teacher, parent, or guardian) present to supervise ALL PLAYERS. We will provide arbiters and make the pairings - anyone who is interested in learning how to do this is during the event should let us know in advance. However, we are not able to supervise the students, and it is the responsibility of their school (not the venue!) to provide sufficient adult supervision. Teams that arrive without a designated adult will not be allowed to compete. Teams whose supervisor leaves during the event will be removed from the pairings.

Entries: The entry fee of $50 per team must be paid before the event starts, online to the North Shore CC account, ASB 12-3008-0301266-00. All entries will be acknowledged and more detailed information will be circulated as soon as possible after the entry deadline. Entries will be listed here, in Orion or Vega files.

Prizes: There will be no prize-giving at the event - teams are free to leave as soon as all their games are finished. The first three teams will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals, which will be individually engraved with the students' names and sent to schools after the event, for presentation at Assembly. Some regions have trophies which are awarded annually - if you are in possession of such a trophy, please remember to bring it to the event!

Queries: Please email Helen Milligan

Further information

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