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2018 Results Page

AUTUMN TOURNAMENT, starts May 2nd 2018

Please email Helen Milligan, to enter (or put your name on the list on the noticeboard). Groups will be decided on May 2nd before round 1.
Pairings will be available in Vega beyond that date.

RAPID 1st Leg, April 2018

This year, events will be run using Vega. Rapid pairings will be made on the night by Lynn Wei and Daniel Johns. Please be present by 7:35pm for the first round of the evening or you risk being left out of the draw...

SUMMER CUP, February-April 2018

1st= IM Paul Garbett and FM Ben Hague
3rd Paul McAvoy
Full results on Vega: Summer Cup

Lightning tournaments, 28th March 2018

Two all-play-all lightning tournaments with a time control of 3 minutes/increment 2 seconds were held after the AGM. FM Ben Hague won the A-Grade with a straight 10/10, and new member Raj Balakeyan won the B-Grade with 7/9. Results on Vega were compiled later and do not show the correct colours or sequence of rounds, but the final totals and individual scores are correct!
See A-Grade and B-Grade.

Match, President's Team v Rest, 21st February 2018

This became the Treasurer's Team versus the Secretary's Team when the President withdrew to even up the numbers. The result was a draw!

  Secretary's Team   Treasurer's Team
1 Ben Hague ½ : ½ David Evans
2 Antonio Krstev 0 : 1 Paul McAvoy
3 Daniel Johns 0 : 1 Philip Hair
4 Richard Meng 1 : 0 Alex Pakholjuk
5 Paul Kamberi 1 : 0 Sacha Gilmore
6 Richard Zajkowski 0 : 1 Felix Xie
7 Ryan Feyter 1 : 0 Allen Li
8 Ted Nguyen 1 : 0 Andrew Li
9 Nina Nguyen ½ : ½ Jeffrey Yu
10 Kendrick Zhang 0 : 1 Matthew Chen
11 Brian Winsor 0 : 1 Richard Aylett
12 Thomas Zheng 1 : 0 Nate Williamson
    6 : 6  

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