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2018 Results Page

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP, July-September 2018

Please note that I have replaced the player who failed to turn up for rounds 2 and 3.
Follow on Vega: A-Grade
Check the full round-robin pairings and schedule: A-Grade Schedule and Pairings
Follow on Vega: B-Grade
Check the full round-robin pairings and schedule: B-Grade Schedule and Pairings
C-Grade (swiss):
Follow on Vega: C-Grade

If you can't play a C-grade round, let me know and I'll take you out of the pairings for that night. Email
If you can't play an A-Grade or B-Grade match, you need to rearrange it with your opponent, either on a catch-up night (see Schedule) or (if absolutely necessary) at home.

RAPID 2nd Leg, June 2018

1st FM Ben Hague
2nd Ralph Hart
3rd= David Evans, CM Richard Meng, Isaac Ceferino and Allen Li
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship, 2nd Leg


1st (with 5/5) FM Ben Hague
Full results on Vega: A-Grade
1st= Philip Hair and CM Richard Meng
Full results on Vega: B-Grade
1st Stephen Jones
Full results on Vega: C-Grade
1st Felix Xie
Full results on Vega: D-Grade
1st= Brian Winsor, Kevin Shen Su and Richard Aylett
Full results on Vega: E-Grade

RAPID 1st Leg, April 2018

1st FM Ben Hague
2nd CM Richard Meng
3rd Antonio Krstev
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship, 1st Leg

SUMMER CUP, February-April 2018

1st= IM Paul Garbett and FM Ben Hague
3rd Paul McAvoy
Full results on Vega: Summer Cup

Lightning tournaments, 28th March 2018

Two all-play-all lightning tournaments with a time control of 3 minutes/increment 2 seconds were held after the AGM. FM Ben Hague won the A-Grade with a straight 10/10, and new member Raj Balakeyan won the B-Grade with 7/9. Results on Vega were compiled later and do not show the correct colours or sequence of rounds, but the final totals and individual scores are correct!
See A-Grade and B-Grade.

Match, President's Team v Rest, 21st February 2018

This became the Treasurer's Team versus the Secretary's Team when the President withdrew to even up the numbers. The result was a draw!

  Secretary's Team   Treasurer's Team
1 Ben Hague ½ : ½ David Evans
2 Antonio Krstev 0 : 1 Paul McAvoy
3 Daniel Johns 0 : 1 Philip Hair
4 Richard Meng 1 : 0 Alex Pakholjuk
5 Paul Kamberi 1 : 0 Sacha Gilmore
6 Richard Zajkowski 0 : 1 Felix Xie
7 Ryan Feyter 1 : 0 Allen Li
8 Ted Nguyen 1 : 0 Andrew Li
9 Nina Nguyen ½ : ½ Jeffrey Yu
10 Kendrick Zhang 0 : 1 Matthew Chen
11 Brian Winsor 0 : 1 Richard Aylett
12 Thomas Zheng 1 : 0 Nate Williamson
    6 : 6  

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