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2019 Schedule: The club will re-open on Wednesday 23rd January. The (draft) schedule can be found at the link (on the left). Junior Club will re-start on Friday 25th January. Check out the Junior Club link for puzzles to practice over the holidays!


Award of trophies for 2018

Lightning Championship, December 2018

A-Grade: 1st Antonio Krstev
B-Grade: 1st Ted Nguyen
Full results on Vega (colours and order of rounds may not be as played):
Lightning Championship, A-Grade
Lightning Championship, B-Grade

Junior Club Championship

1st Emily Gan
Full results on Vega: Junior Club Championship


1st= Matthew Chen and Ceferino Isaac
Full results on Vega: Fischer Random Rapid

Remit for next NZCF AGM

North Shore CC has decided to put forward a remit at the next NZCF AGM, as follows:
That the AGM amends, effective for the year 2019 onwards, Supplementary Regulations 4. Registration fees for players, 4.1 Standard Fees, clause 4.1.a) and 4.1.b).
a) Adult players and officials, $20.00.
b) Junior players (under 20 on 1st January) who play in open rated events, or in club events with adult players, $20.00.
a) Adult players and officials, $1.00.
b) Junior players (under 20 on 1st January) who play in open rated events, or in club events with adult players, $1.00.

The annual player registration fee is detrimental to players who reside outside major centres. There is very little value for money to be registered just to participate in a local six-round annual rapid tournament outside major centres. The currently typical $20 just to play 6 rapid games is too much. This means players who reside outside major centres are subsidising more active players residing in major centres.
The cost to maintain a single nationwide registered players list is negligible as everything is online. In terms of time, it should only take about 10 minutes per month of the NZCF Secretary’s time if the process is automated. Automated systems could easily handle registering the entire population of NZ in less than an hour should it happen in a single month.
A single registered players list available online listing all registered players nationwide is required. Reducing the annual player registration fee to practically nothing would have the beneficial effect of increasing the number of registered players without affecting other NZCF rules, regulations and systems.

SPRING TOURNAMENT, September-October 2018

Results may be subject to some corrections, due to unplayed games.
1st Ceferino Isaac
Full results on Vega: A-Grade
1st Andrew Li
Full results on Vega: B-Grade
1st Stephen Jones
Full results on Vega: C-Grade
1st Jeffrey Yu
Full results on Vega: D-Grade
1st Alan Bean
Full results on Vega: E-Grade

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP, July-September 2018

1st with 9/9 FM Ben Hague
2nd Paul McAvoy
3rd CM Richard Meng
Full results on Vega: A-Grade

1st= Andrew Li, WCM Nadia Braganza, & Allen Li
Full results on on Vega: B-Grade

1st Matthew Chen
2nd Steven Holdaway
3rd= Jessica Luo, Brian Winsor, & Alan Bean
Full results on Vega: C-Grade

JENKINS TROPHY MATCH, September 5th 2018

Howick-Pakuranga CC challenged the holders, North Shore CC. The final result was in favour of North Shore.
Thanks to NZ Chess News for putting up a Vega version with games play-through and download: Jenkins Trophy Match

1 FM Ben Hague 2495 1 : 0 IM Paul Garbett 2333
2 FM Leonard McLaren 2337 0F : 1F Ralph Hart 2276
3 FM Daniel Gong 2320 1 : 0 Jeffrey McCrone 2141
4 FM Martin Dreyer 2263 ½ : ½ Paul McAvoy 2100e
5 FM Ewen Green 2250 1 : 0 Ceferino Isaac 2083
6 CM Benjamin Lim 2063 0 : 1 David Evans 2069
7 WFM Jasmine Zhang 2039 0 : 1 Antonio Krstev 2067
8 CM Paul Spiller 2038 ½ : ½ Neil Gunn 1990
9 Terry Shen 1978 1 : 0 Daniel Johns 1969
10 Andrew Janisz 1947 0F : 1F Philip Hair 1894
11 Raj Balakeyan 1922 0 : 1 Arnold van den Heuvel 1873
12 Oliver Dai 1890 ½ : ½ Winston Yao 1860
13 Leyton Hackney 1744 0 : 1 CM Richard Meng 1842
14 Anthony Power 1661 0 : 1 Andrew Li 1668
15 Anthony Booth 1621 0 : 1 Alex Pakholjuk 1572
16 Connor Hackney 1545 ½ : ½ Paul Kamberi 1563
17 David Nie 1494 ½ : ½ Allen Li 1546
18 Daniel Qiu 1377 ½ : ½ Stephen Jones 1515
19 Ying Wang 1312 0 : 1 Jeffrey Yu 1385
20 Ryan Dukeson 1307 0 : 1 Kendrick Zhang 1337
    7 : 13  

Peter Stuart Memorial
The Open was won by Evan Capel (Malaysia) and FM Mike Steadman, with 4½/5.
Full results and photos can be found on our dedicated webpage.
This was the first FIDE-rated event for our newly qualified FA, Lynn Wei, and the first in which we used the computer and clocks paid for with our Pub Charity grant - equipment pictured below!

New equipment

North Shore CC is grateful for sponsorship from ChessNews.Asia through NZ Chess News.

New Zealand Chess News

News: We are delighted to report that the North Shore Chess Club received a grant of (NZ)$3985 from Pub Charity Limited. This was used to purchase a computer and printer for running club events, and 60 LEAP FIDE-approved chess clocks for use in Interschools and Junior events.

Pub Charity purchases

The North Shore Chess Club was founded in 1956 and has been supporting chess on the North Shore and the Auckland region since that date.

From our current premises in the Northcote Senior Citizens Association Hall, on the corner of College Rd and Ernie Mays St, we hold our club nights every Wednesday, from early January through until mid December. Organised tournament play starts at 7.30pm, but casual visitors can sometimes find an opponent. If you would like to know more, please contact the Club President, Helen Milligan, details listed below, or just turn up!
We also run a junior tuition night on most Fridays, starting at 7pm. This is aimed at junior players looking for some guidance & tuition.

North Shore CC, P.O. Box 33-587, Takapuna, Auckland 0740. Meets Wednesdays 7.30pm, Northcote Citizens Centre, cnr College Rd/Ernie Mays St, Northcote (see map, below).
Junior tuition: on Fridays from 7:00pm.
President and Contact: Helen Milligan, email Secretary: Daniel Johns.

Map of the area

This is the venue. There is plenty of parking available nearby.

Northcote Citizens Centre

Events are scheduled throughout the year. The annual subscription is $80 (schoolpupil $50; $30 if playing only in the Junior Club), with $1 playing fee charged per night.

Friendly matches on the last night of the year.